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Ken Davy

Ken Davy

The other day I was fortunate enough to attend the Million Dollar Round Table luncheon in honour of its president, Caroline Banks.

The luncheon was not just an opportunity to celebrate Caroline’s success as only the organisation’s second-ever president from the UK, but also her success as a London-based IFA. Caroline, who runs a thriving practice just off Oxford Street, credits the MDRT with helping her develop her skills in time management, delegation and how to build a business through a continuing commitment to client service. Interestingly, the MDRT’s commitment to high-quality outcomes for clients pre-dates the FCA by several decades, and is based on the simple reality that delivering good client outcomes is good business.

Ironically, the same issues for which Caroline had sought solutions – time management, delegation and how to deliver better client service – are the recurring themes I still hear almost daily from many of the advisers I meet. Given that the MDRT is dedicated to helping us all better manage our personal and professional lives while serving our clients more effectively and profitably, I am amazed that there are currently only a few hundred members in the UK. It seems to me that it is high time financial advisers in the UK woke up to the fantastic potential benefits they could gain from MDRT membership.

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Having been a member for 44 years, I am obviously biased. But the reality is that I do not believe I could have achieved half of the things I have done over the years were it not for the lessons I have learned at MDRT meetings. Indeed, in 1972 when I attended my first annual meeting, I was on the verge of quitting financial services altogether. Just 18 months into my new career, I was beginning to wonder whether it really was the right path for me. Fortunately, the inspiration, ideas and absolute commitment to client service I heard from some of the world’s greatest speakers gave me just the confidence boost I needed. I returned home reinvigorated, and since then have never looked back.

My simple message is that IFAs need to be aware and take advantage of the vast array of opportunities provided by an MDRT membership. Start planning to qualify today and make a diary note to attend the 2016 MDRT Annual Meeting in Vancouver from 12 to 15 June 2016. I look forward to seeing you there.

Ken Davy is chairman of Simplybiz Group