Record new assets in ETPs in 2015

Record new assets in ETPs in 2015

Exchange traded products acquired a record $372bn (£255bn) in new assets in 2015, according to data from ETFGI’s year-end global insights report.

The high level of acquisition meant the industry’s purchasing of new assets increased by 10 per cent, comfortably surpassing the previous record of $338.3bn (£231.9bn) gathered in 2014.

December represented the 23rd consecutive month in which the industry saw positive net inflows, and was the strongest month of the year for asset gathering, with a total of $55bn (£37.7bn) obtained, according to EFTGI’s preliminary data.

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The report showed there was growth on most fronts throughout the industry in 2015, with the number of ETPs rising from 5,550 to 6,146, while assets under management increased from $2.784 rn (£1.912trn) to $2.992trn (£2.055trn).

Deborah Fuhr, managing partner at EFTGI, said uncertainty and turbulence in the markets has encouraged the surge in asset acquisition.

She said: “The record level of asset gathering in 2015 shows that more investors are using ETFs/ETPs in more ways due to the market turmoil: retail is using more ETFs through robo-advisers, institutions are using ETFs as alternatives to futures, and financial advisers are using more ETFs especially in multi-asset portfolios.”

Last year Ms Fuhr predicted that assets invested in ETFs worldwide could reach US$7trn (£4.5trn) by 2020 and US$17trn (£10.9trn) by 2025.