FSCS still considering Arch Cru options

FSCS still considering Arch Cru options

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme has said it is considering how to continue with CF Arch Cru claims and will issue an update in April.

Since 2012 the FSCS has paid more than £58m in compensation to CF Arch Cru claims.

Up until 2013 this was paid on an interim basis with planned top-up payments once the CF Arch Cru funds crystallised.

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The wind-up of funds was due to take place in 2015 but did not happen, meaning the FSCS could not make the final top-up payments.

In a statement the FSCS said: “The FSCS is considering how to continue with the part-compensated claims and will update affected customers in April 2016 regarding the approach to be taken.

“Customers do not need to take any action in the meantime.”

The CF Arch Cru funds represent two Oeics, both of which are umbrella companies for six sub-funds.

The sub-funds were substantially invested in a combination of 21 cell companies incorporated in Guernsey, which were in turn invested in various assets.

Shares in the two Oeics were typically sold to investors through IFAs though some CF Arch Cru investments were sold as direct investments while others are held via third party providers.

In March 2009 the FSA suspended the funds on the grounds of insufficient liquidity to meet redemptions.

At the time of suspension, the net asset value of the Arch Cru funds was approximately £362.7m.

In 2011 the FSA announced a £54m redress package for investors.