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Multi-manager – June 2016

    Multi-manager – June 2016


    But despite this increased competition, the funds continue to attract demand. Our special report looks at the methodology beehind multi-manager and askls how effective it can be when it comes to diversification.

    In this special report


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    1. In which decade did the first multi-manager funds launch?

    2. Which of these did Steve Carlson not say might find the use of one multi-asset fund high-risk?

    3. How manay multi-manager funds does Hargreaves Lansdown offer?

    4. The table features three funds from which sector within its top 10 performers

    5. Of the 830 multi-manager funds analysed, how many returned a profit during the 12 months covered?

    6. What was the annual growth rate of the top performing Aviva fund over five years?

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