Brexit may stop Parliamentary legislation

Alan Moran

With regard to the implications of Brexit (FA, 30 June), please can someone help.

An IFA writing on LinkedIn told me that I was an “idiot” for voting Remain because all the Brussels rules would disappear now that we were leaving. I apologised for my intelligence getting in the way of his “common sense”, and accepted I might be wrong. However, I have read this article three times and it appears his common sense was nothing more than wishful thinking.

Indeed, it appears the affect of Brexit may be to stop UK changes the UK parliament wishes to implement from coming into place

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Like you all, I have received countless emails about the choice to descend into the abyss (just in case you had not realised my position already). The only one that has been upbeat came from a company which sells high-risk investments which sees the reduction in regulations as a great sales opportunity – how wonderful.

Alan Moran

Chartered Financial Planner,

Interface Financial Planning,