Jupiter launches multi-asset ecology fund

Jupiter launches multi-asset ecology fund

Jupiter has unveiled a new multi-asset ecology fund that will invest in a combination of equities and bonds from companies that stand to benefit from the transition to a sustainable economy.

The Jupiter Global Ecology Diversified Sicav will invest “across the asset class spectrum”, with Rhys Petheram managing the fixed income portion and Charlie Thomas and Abbie Llewellyn-Waters taking on the equity allocation.

It stated the split between stocks and bonds in the portfolio will be “flexible” although the managers will generally seek to hold around 60 per cent in fixed income, including bonds, labelled green bonds and convertibles, with the remaining 40 per cent in equities.

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The investment approach will include integration of the fixed income and equity research and selection process. When considering stocks for inclusion the managers will look to find the best value along a company’s capital structure, whether it be in equities, bonds or a mix of the two, in order to enhance returns.

Mr Thomas, co-manager of the Jupiter Global Ecology Diversified fund, commented: “The sustainable investment sector is becoming increasingly mature across asset classes, we believe we can apply our expertise in a way that will resonate with clients in delivering a diversified, lower-volatility and income-generating approach to a compelling global growth theme.”