Firing Line: John Blackman

"You might have a client who's quite averse to risk and you might have bought them a fund, and during the course of that month, the managers bought something that's not appropriate, and you have to take a decision or in consultation with your client, you have to rebalance your portfolio."

JHC has developed software called Neon that advisers can upload and use to determine as often as they like the situation of their clients, and whether they are being compliant.

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Mr Blackman said: "The advisers have to be regulated to CF30. What our software allows them to do is get them a dashboard to enable them to be compliant with CF30."

JHC also provides software to platforms, with one client being AJ Bell. Here he is seeing change too. 

Mr Blackman said: "Post-RDR, because everything is more transparent, as a consumer you're more likely to demand an ETF and post the Brexit vote, bonds are becoming more attractive, so you want a platform that allows you to invest in both.

"You can buy a multi-asset fund, or you can open an account that gives you access to the underlying assets. If you wanted to invest in a bond, you could just buy the bond. Our systems allow our clients to offer these solutions to the end customer, or direct access to the underlying assets. "

Melanie Tringham is features editor of Financial Adviser


Career highlights

1986 Joined JHC as software developer

2000 Took over as chief executive

Degree in Computing Science from Imperial College