Guide to President Trump's impact on investments

  • To understand what Mr Trump's policies are.
  • To learn how Mr Trump's policies might affect world economies.
  • To understand how sectors and asset classes could react to Mr Trump's approach.
Guide to President Trump's impact on investments


Donald Trump's presidential victory in the US elections came as an initial shock to markets.

However, as the dust settles following his victory speech and comments about plans for his first 100 days in office, what are likely to be the effects of his proposed economic policies on the US, UK and other markets globally?

Will a Trump presidency be bond-negative and equity-positive? Will gold regain some of its value as a hedge against the US dollar, and which emerging market economies will benefit the most - or least from Mr Trump's protectionist trade strategies?

While it is too early to make a call on what might happen after January 2017 when Mr Trump becomes President Trump, this guide features analysts and commentators giving their views on what might be a risk and what might be an opportunity for your investing clients.

Commentators include: Tina Weeks, founder of Serenity Financial Planning; Nancy Curtin, chief investment officer for Close Brothers Asset Management; Laith Khalaf, senior analyst for Hargreaves Lansdown; Karen Dunn Kelly, senior managing director of investments for Invesco Perpetual; Christian Gattiker, chief strategist and head of research for Julius Baer; Jamie Ware of Churchill Investments; Dan Kemp, chief investment officer for Morningstar Investment Management (Europe); Jim Leaviss, head of retail fixed interest at M&G Investments; David Roberts, head of fixed income at Kames Capital; Shaun McDade, managing director in Guernsey for Miton Optimal; Peter Elston, chief investment officer for Seneca Investment Managers; Anthony Willis, investment manager at BMO Global Asset Management; John Vail, chief global strategist for Nikko Asset Management; Colin Beveridge, chief investment officer for True Potential Investments; Office for Budget Responsibility; Fathom Consulting; BullionByPost; Calum Cooper, partner at Hymans Robertson; Richard Buxton, head of UK equities for Old Mutual Global Investors; Jeremy Leaf, London-based estate agent; Russell Quirk, chief executive of eMoov; Michael Grady, senior economist at Aviva Investors; Nigel Green, founder of deVere Group; Claudia Calich, manager of the M&G Emerging Market Bond Fund; EPFR Group data; Aidan Yao, senior economist at Axa Investment Managers; Teresa Kong, portfolio manager at Matthews Asia; Jesper Koll, head of Japan for Wisdom Tree; Katsunori Kitakura, lead strategist at SuMi Trust; Nathalie Dempster, managing director for central banks and public policy at the World Gold Council; and Ben Seager-Scott, director of investment strategy for TilneyBestinvest.

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  1. How much is the planned one-off tax amnesty for repatriating offshore cash?

  2. Which two things does Mr Gattiker say will be the main beneficiaries of President Trump in the medium-term?

  3. What was the UK market's reaction to Mr Trump's victory, according to Mr Khalaf?

  4. How much did DB funding levels increase on the back of Mr Trump's policy pledges, according to According to analysis by Hymans Robertson?

  5. Which emerging market is the most exposed to the US?

  6. Which country could benefit from positive economic and financial relations with Mr Trump, according to Mr Koll?

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  • To understand what Mr Trump's policies are.
  • To learn how Mr Trump's policies might affect world economies.
  • To understand how sectors and asset classes could react to Mr Trump's approach.

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