Podcasts and processes: how providers help advisers during the crisis

Podcasts and processes: how providers help advisers during the crisis

Pension providers have introduced a range of services, such as online hubs and technical support centres, aimed at supporting advisers throughout the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

A handful of pension providers have developed plans to support advisers and address any concerns that they may have, while also ensuring they are kept up to date with technical information and informing them of any changes to normal services.

Aegon, Aviva and Scottish Widows have all launched adviser hubs. Aviva’s Covid-19 hub provides advisers with news relating to Aviva’s response to the crisis.

It includes information on pension products, the Aviva platform and investments as well as any business updates.

Aegon has published technical content on its hub as well as podcasts and webinars covering popular topics and market developments.

Meanwhile Scottish Widows’ hub provides advisers with tools and guides, for example the provider has published a guide on employer contributions looking at whether an employer should still pay into a scheme if the employee stops making contributions, among other issues.

Canada Life is looking to launch an information hub in the next couple of weeks which will see all of its Covid-19 information put into one place. 

Paul Keeble, head of media at Canada Life, said: “We have messages live on our websites and social channels, and have written to intermediaries across our insurance, wealth and asset management businesses to inform them of the steps we are taking to protect our staff and continue to deliver on our promises to them and their clients, and introduce our new ways of working. 

“In the next week or so we are also launching an information hub for advisers, which brings all of our current Covid-19 content under one roof while also providing an outlet for future communication and business updates.”

Aviva has also teamed up with the Lang Cat to host a series of podcasts looking at areas of concern for advisers, with the first in the series launching tomorrow (April 7).

A spokesperson from Aviva told FTAdviser: “We’re having each of the identified key areas as a live webcast, hosted by the Lang Cat and featuring both leaders in Aviva and experts from external companies.

“The first will be Tuesday at 11am, featuring Phil Ralli (platform development lead) and hosted by Lang Cat’s Mark Polson. The focus of this session will be to answer 'what are your immediate concerns now and how can we support you?'. 

“This will take a look into what changes have been made to Aviva processes, what tools are already in place to make transacting remotely with Aviva easier and a high-level view of what tools are out there in the wider market for advisers to be making use of.”

Meanwhile Aegon has introduced a web chat function on its Aegon platform to assist any adviser with queries they may have.