Investing in equity: Specialist sectors

  • Learn how technology is changing the outlook for global equities
  • Understand the debate over the future for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors
  • Grasp why insurers could overtake banks as the preferred financial stock
Investing in equity: Specialist sectors


Three sectors dominate the global equity environment, accounting for almost half the entire market. The size and complexity of the technology, healthcare and financials sectors has meant fund firms have invested heavily in offering focused funds and strategies.

Fund buyers and portfolio managers can use such products to create their own equity biases for clients, but must remain aware of volatility and overall diversification.

This special report focuses on questions such as: What should buyers consider when creating a more focused global equity strategy? While technology stocks have led the way in 2017 - where do future returns lie?

In healthcare, are traditional pharma stocks expected to grow with their drug pipelines, or will they need to buy younger firms in order to succeed?

And in financials, are banks really set to return to form in the macro environment, or will they remain in the shadows of their insurance peers?

In this special report

  1. What should the likes of Google and Facebook benefit from, according to SLI's Mikhail Zverev?

  2. What must investors consider as an inevitability when investing in healthcare, according to Richard Saldanha?

  3. Richard Saldanha said the US political rhetoric against pharma stocks will subside, why?

  4. Which sector does Heartwood's David Abolson think is worth tapering exposure to?

  5. How have some traditional pharma stocks tried to refresh R&D according to Andrew Moffat?

  6. What do banks not deliver when compared with insurers according to Tom Walker?

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