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Smarter Business Summit

Smarter Business Summit

FTAdviser is proud to present our inaugural Smarter Business Summit.

This full-day event focused on equipping financial advisers with the latest skills, practices and insights needed to build a resilient and successful advisory business for the long term. The challenges posed by Covid-19 this year have made the likes of contingency planning, digital development and communication more important than ever for advisers.

The summit offered a unique opportunity for advisers to hear from industry leaders and draw lessons from out-of-industry pioneers - in order to reflect on how traditional advisory services can innovate in a new age of disruption.  

 This year, the Summit was divided into three key themes:

  • Business sustainability
  • Digital integration
  • Attracting the next generation of clients

Advisers will leave with key takeaways around using technology to complement their services and generate new client leads, while ensuring measures are in place to promote business longevity. Strategies for managing client demands amid a more difficult economic climate will also be explored.

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  • Phil Bray, founder and director, The Yardstick Agency
  • John Porteous, group head of distribution, Charles Stanley
  • Jane Portas, co-founder, Insuring Women's Futures
  • Wanda Goldwag, chair, Financial Services Consumer Panel
  • Giles Dunning, partner and M&A financial services specialist, Stephens Scown LLP
  • Daniel Marsh, head of ecosystem, Seccl
  • Benjamin Spratt, mergers and acquisitions director, Retiring IFA
  • Dan Jones, editor-in-chief of FTAdviser


  • Growing a successful and sustainable business
  • Making your tech work for you
  • The inclusive adviser of the future
  • Attracting and retaining the next generation of clients