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Welcome to FTAdviser's dark mode

Welcome to FTAdviser's dark mode
Source: FTAdviser

For the next seven days, FTAdviser will be going dark - dark mode, that is. 

Supported by Franklin Templeton, the dark mode function on FTAdviser's home page aims to draw attention to one of the many ways we can all save energy. 

Depending on the type of device used, going into dark mode can save up to 30 per cent of the energy usually consumed by electronic devices - and can be a welcome relief for one's eyes instead of staring at a bright screen for hours on end.

It is a striking visual message for all of us to take small steps each day to save energy, but if you wish to use the homepage without the dark mode on, you can simply click the button to the right of your screen, underneath the search function. 

The homepage will return to normal on Monday, February 7. 

Simoney Kyriakou, editor of FTAdviser