Strengthen financial planning with fine wine

•    The ability to hedge inflation and currency dynamics.

•    A tangible alternative asset with inherent physical value.

•    Diversification tool: a stable, low risk alternative asset which delivers strong long term growth potential.

Investors should be aware of risks.

As with all investments, it is not always plain sailing and investors should always look at:

•    the provenance of the wine - where is it sourced from? 

•    condition – has it been stored to protect quality?

•    is the price right? 

Vin-X’s service guarantee fulfills all of the above within its Advisers Fine Wine Investment Platform Vin-X Limited (

Vin-X is a market-leading specialist in fine wine investment, managing over £20m worth of fine wine for more than 2,000 UK and international clients.

Its team of professionals with backgrounds in the wine market, financial services, events and leisure management, provide a portfolio management service focused on investment-grade wine.

The company’s analysts’ wine portfolio management strategy ensures that rewarding fine wine collections are created for investors in line with their investment goals. Historically, its portfolio management strategy has outperformed market trends. 

Vin-X offers a comprehensive solution for investors in fine wine delivering: 

•    supply of the world’s finest investment-grade wine selected for growth potential

•    key market information and sector research 

•    in-bond storage and insurance 

•    market leading systems and controls which have been independently verified and designed to protect investors.

•    specialist events team which creates exclusive fine wine experiences.

Strengthen your multi-asset management offering with the Vin-X Fine Wine Investment Platform

Vin-X has developed a comprehensive Fine Wine Investment Platform for Advisers and Wealth Managers to actively aid their customers to safely get involved with this exciting asset class. Advisers will receive market education, access to leading operating systems and supply of the finest wines in the world. 

“Investors should have the opportunity to diversify and strengthen their portfolios with fine wine. Advisers finally have a partner to provide a solution to deliver just that”. Austin Healey, Non-Executive Director, Vin-X Limited

For further information on the Vin-X Advisers Fine Wine Investment Platform please contact: Katie Souter. Tel: 0203 384 2261 Email: or visit VIN-X LIMITED