Adviser rescues trapped cat

Adviser rescues trapped cat

Meows halted an investment deal at Brighton-based Skerritts Wealth Management after the team realised a cat had become trapped nearby. 

Financial adviser Richard Skerritt, an amateur boxer, admitted he was "no cat lover" but the team called the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service to knock down the wall.

According to Mr Skerritt, there were "smashed walls, flying bricks and clouds of dust" as the rescue services worked to free the moggy, who was stuck in the three-inch gap between the firm's outside boardroom wall and a neighbouring building.

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Four hours later, firefighters took out a final brick from the gaping hole, and grabbed the terrified but relieved feline, who was identified as Albus, the cat-next-door.

Thankfully he was not responsible for any cat-astrophic investment decisions as a result, although he caused a lengthy paws in the discussions.

Mr Skerritt said: "Although the cat has probably used up eight of its nine lives, its owner, Lucy Hartwell is a vet and was able to give Albus all the tender loving care he needed to make a full recovery."

On Wednesday June 7, Ms Hartwell and Albus (pictured above with Mr Skerritt) returned to Skerritts Wealth Management in Coleridge Road to thank the 50-strong financial team for saving her cat’s life.

Mr Skerritt added: "It’s not every day that a high-level financial meeting gets postponed by a cat and five firemen, but that’s part of the fun of being based in Brighton.

"Nothing surprises me in this fantastic city."

Mark Polson, founder of Scottish consultancy The Lang Cat, applauded the work by Skerritts and the emergency services.

Mr Polson stated: "This is entirely on brand so the Lang Cat heartily approves of this adviser's heroic efforts. He should be immediately rewarded with a 50 per cent cut in his professional indemnity insurance premiums and possibly some form of public office."

Likewise, DJ Mixie Cat, creative director at Carr Communications, said: “Some say financial advisers are milking it post RDR, but clearly their service knows no bounds.

"As well as providing purrfect financial advice this IFA really is the cream of the crop.”

Rosie the Informed Choice Dog

However, not everyone was impressed.

Rosie the Informed Choice dog, pictured right, commented: “I can understand stopping a board meeting to rescue a dog, but surely it’s an unworthy distraction to save a simple cat?

"Everyone knows that dogs are superior to felines, especially in an office environment, where we help to reduce stress levels and promote cohesion among team members." 

Albus the cat was not available for comment.