Autumn Investment Monitor 2017

  • Learn about the current macro outlook and how this affects asset classes such as equities and bonds
  • Understand recent investment trends, including a move to risk assets and an increased interest in climate change
  • Grasp why fund buyers have mixed opinions about absolute return products


After a positive eight months for markets, investors may enter autumn with a sense of satisfaction. Many have returned to risk assets, with equities back in the limelight as bonds look threatened. But questions remain around which equity regions and investment styles could fare best in future, with the macro outlook looking "ok" if not spectacular. Meanwhile absolute return funds, which are still popular but have offered mixed performance, continue to face scrutiny.

In this special report

  1. What do many absolute return funds fail to do, according to the FCA?

  2. According to European Central Bank chairman Mario Draghi, the recent strength of the euro

  3. Why does Jen Causton think an economic slowdown could provide a "double whammy" for the UK car industry?

  4. Why does Ritu Vohora believe the return to value investing has been 'pushed out further for the time being'?

  5. What makes Andrew Cole describe Europe as 'particularly attractive' for equity investors?

  6. For what purpose were green bonds created, according to Frederic Samama?

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