CoInvestor pledges easier access to tax-efficient investments

CoInvestor pledges easier access to tax-efficient investments

Platform CoInvestor has struck a partnership with several investment firms that it said will make tax-efficient investments simpler for financial advisers to access.

The platform has agreed to partner with Albion Capital, Amati Global Investors, Blackfinch Investments, Stellar Asset Management and Unicorn Asset Management.

CoInvestor founder and director Charles Owen said its platform can help financial advisers by simplifying the process of placing client capital into assets such as venture capital trusts (VCTs), enterprise investment schemes (EIS) and investments, such as Aim portfolios, which qualify for business property relief (BPR) and so are tax efficient.     

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He said CoInvestor, as a digital platform, makes it faster for advisers to make investments in tax-efficient vehicles.

Doug Lawson, a co-founder of Amati Global Investors, which is, among other things a VCT provider, said: “In order to remain at the forefront of the sector we have chosen to work with CoInvestor, as investors and advisers increasingly seek to transact online.

"An increasing number of financial advisory firms have adopted the technology to streamline their business processes, increase internal efficiencies and enhance compliance and risk control.”  

Philip Milton, a financial adviser in Devon, said he occasionally uses EIS investments for capital gains tax planning purposes, but tends to buy investment trusts at deep discounts rather than invest in VCTs.