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Live Blog How green tech is driving investments


  •  Emma Ann Hughes

    Emma Ann Hughes

    Editor of FTAdviser and Financial Adviser

  • Michael Clover

    Michael Clover

    BDM for Transport Intelligence

  • Howie Li

    Howie Li

    Chief executive for Canvas, at ETF Securities

  • John Ditchfield

    John Ditchfield

    Partner at Castlefield Advisory Partners


How much can investors really benefit from the clean energy revolution? Is it a trend or a fad, a real long-term investment proposition or a fashionable values-based investment theme?

To help address these questions, and to find out whether your clients could benefit from the new wave of disruption, FTAdviser and ETF Securities has brought together a panel of specialists across the fields of financial advice and asset management to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing investors.

Send your questions to simoney.kyriakou@ft.com or via Twitter to @FTAdviser using the hashtag #FTAonAir, or connect with us by submitting your comments using the live blog panel to the right of this screen.