Investment is personal, not business

Sascha Ragtschaa

Sascha Ragtschaa

And this doesn’t mean crowdfunding or peer-to-peer finance. It’s stocks and shares. Tried-and-tested investments that have been proven to generate a return for investors and to offer real value to businesses of all sizes.

Thanks to blockchain, this is all within reach. In fact, it’s already happening.

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It’s now possible to build digital share certificates on the blockchain, connecting investors directly with business owners of any size, anywhere in the world, to buy and sell equities – all without the middle layers, administration and reconciliation steps required in today’s global equity market solutions.

And by holding all information on-chain, through a model of private and public data – a hybrid blockchain, transparent enough to ensure democracy and visibility and private enough to protect individuals and businesses – there is no need for regulatory approval. 

This is the true democratisation of finance. It’s a buyer and seller meeting to agree terms that work for both parties, no matter where they are or how wealthy, and without requiring someone to take a cut brokering the deal.

And, ultimately, isn’t this what trade is supposed to be all about? After all, if you take a trip to your local market you won’t have to buy tomatoes through an intermediary. It’s a personal deal between you and the trader.

Because, no matter what they say, business is personal. Why should investment be any different?

Sascha Ragtschaa is chief executive and co-founder at Chainium