OpinionMay 1 2018

Who are EIS investors?

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Who are EIS investors?

Each of these may seek different objectives in building a portfolio – seeking capital gains or regular income, different sectoral interests and different levels of comfort with venture risk. 

To paraphrase Euripides again: an investor’s best possession may be a sympathetic adviser.

The old model of a once-a-year tax affairs review and largely passive allocation of investments may be coming to an end.

Increasingly, advisers will be under pressure to innovate to remain relevant for a new generation of more independent high-net-worth investors.

The emerging trends in EIS investment in the knowledge-based economy provide a potential win-win for advisers looking to differentiate, and a new generation of investors looking for a greater diversity and customisation in products.

Dr Ilian Iliev is managing director at EcoMachines Ventures