Woodford cash used to launch automated portfolios

Woodford cash used to launch automated portfolios

Peer-to-peer platform Seedrs will be using the £10m funding it received from Neil Woodford to launch a product allowing investors to build a portfolio of crowdfunding investments using robo-investing techniques.

The product, called AutoInvest Today, will allow investors to set the criteria for the sort of investments they want to make, such as sector of the economy, the stage of the business and any tax planning advantages, and the investment is then made in companies that fit these criteria.

Joel Ippoliti, chief product officer at Seedrs, said: "Understanding what our customers want is at the core of what we do. There are investors who want it to be quicker and easier to build a diverse early stage investment portfolio, but still want to have oversight and control over their investments.

"Bringing customisation and transparency to an auto invest tool such as this is a real game changer; there’s nobody else doing anything quite like it."

The launch today sees the first iteration of AutoInvest with set criteria, but Seedrs will roll out further customisable features over the coming weeks.

In October 2017 Mr Woodford invested £4m on behalf of clients into Seedrs, bringing the total investment made by the fund manager through his Patient Capital trust to £10m.

As well as Mr Woodford, tennis player Andy Murray is also an investor into Seedrs.

Seedrs has funded 650 deals to date and has had more than £390m invested on its platform.