Women are inheriting wealth but the industry needs to catch up

Indre Butkeviciute

Indre Butkeviciute

Therefore, combining an educational approach with clarity of investment views and transparency on performance and fees is an absolute necessity.

The second aspect is around goals and priorities. Female investors’ goals and priorities tend to differ significantly from those of male investors.

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Women place much more importance on personal and family goals. They tend to prefer a more risk averse and long-term approach that takes into account their priorities. 

Finally, communication is another key aspect. There is a clear need for change in how and what information is presented to female clients.

The information flow needs to be more in line with their expectations.

EY’s global wealth management research report shows that clients are keen to shape and share content they receive and they still would like to retain access to human contact. 

Indre Butkeviciute is founder of Lily Advisory