Ethical Investing  

Wealth manager launches positive impact options

"In practice, our active ownership approach means we continually push for positive change and this is done by engaging with companies on issues including sustainability, executive pay, diversity and political lobbying by corporates," said Ms Omi.

"We can put pressure on companies to improve through regular engagement or using LGIM’s shareholder voting power. For example, last year we voted against 3,864 directors globally in 2018, up 37 per cent since 2017."

Mr Tuson said: "Ethical investing has significantly increased in popularity and importance over the last ten years as society’s attitude towards the environment has changed, led by the millennials and Generation Z. 

"Climate change, the environment, resource scarcity, cleaner energy, ageing populations, equality, human rights and labour standards drive today's agenda in society. 

"We need to ensure that what we offer clients is relevant today and continues to have relevance in the future. With client time frames measured in terms of decades it would not surprise me at all, as wealth begins to pass through the generations, that this becomes the default choice."

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