Guide to Multi-Asset

  • Describe the advantages of using multi-asset funds
  • Describe how multi-asset funds work
  • List the assets multi-asset funds can invest in
Guide to Multi-Asset
How advisers can safely diversify their clients' portfolios

Multi-asset funds have become a central part of advisers' choices for clients, especially in the past few years.

Increased regulation has put greater pressure on advisers' time, and consequently they have less opportunity to build portfolios for their clients. Multi-asset funds are one answer for advisers looking for a way to make their lives easier.

Multi-asset funds come in a variety of asset mixes, with varying emphasis on equities depending on the type of risk level one wants to adopt.

They can also be good in a defensive investment situation, if an investor is struggling to find a way of diversifying away from risky assets or investments that are looking too high in their valuations.

They can be used for a variety of purposes, not least when decumulating one's pension fund, if the client wants to draw down some assets. They can also be a way to start building one's investment portfolio.

This guide looks at how multi-asset works, and the circumstances in which it can be used.

Melanie Tringham is deputy features editor of Financial Adviser and


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  1. Why does a multi-asset fund offer a core strategy for investment, according to Colin Graham, of Eastspring Investments?

  2. What advantages do multi-asset funds have for the adviser?

  3. How do multi-asset fund managers build resilience to political risk, according to Dominic Byrne, of Blackrock?

  4. According to David Vickers of Russell Investments, what is the most underappreciated risk?

  5. Hedge funds are not an option for multi-asset fund managers, according to Alex Sumner of Blackfinch. True or false?

  6. Most multi-asset funds trade on a daily basis, according to Alex Sumner, true or false?

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  • Describe the advantages of using multi-asset funds
  • Describe how multi-asset funds work
  • List the assets multi-asset funds can invest in

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