Equity Release  

Diary of an adviser: Colin Le Maitre

Diary of an adviser: Colin Le Maitre

This adviser works hard to manage his work life balance, as well as filling his week with various equity release appointments


I begin most days at my desk no later than 7am, clearing admin tasks and responding to emails that may have come through over the weekend.

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However, this Monday is a little different. Today, I drive to Manchester for our biannual team conference.

It is great to meet up with all the other advisers based in the north and share best practices. The day includes a recap of 2019 and what is to come in 2020 for Key, alongside talks from the training and marketing departments.

After the conference I catch up with the other northern advisers and head office colleagues.  


This morning, I begin by attending a first appointment in Liverpool and it is humbling to see this lovely couple making actively practical choices to help futureproof their home as they approach an older age.

They also want to enjoy a better retirement as they have now reached an age where their state pension will not meet their living requirements.

In the afternoon, I travel to Warrington to visit a customer who needs her case to be rewritten, as her home was devalued as part of the conveyancing process.

While this can happen, I am happy to reassure her that she can still take out equity release and that she will be able to get access to her funds as quickly as possible once the rewrite has been completed.

I spend the remainder of the day completing admin for tomorrow’s appointments, following up with clients and reviewing documents.

I like to get my admin work done in the evening so I am prepared to start the next day full steam ahead.


This morning I have breakfast on the go as I head to Stoke for a second appointment with an 82-year-old gentleman.

He would like to release funds to help his grandchildren get onto the property ladder.

While releasing equity to help children and/or grandchildren buy a house has always been popular, I have seen a rise in this over the past few years.

Every Wednesday afternoon I always make time to collect my youngest son from school. It is important for me to spend quality time with my family. We usually go home, chill out and watch a film. 


This morning, I drop my son at school on my way to an appointment in Preston.

The client wants to release funds to repay the interest on her mortgage.

When she receives the funds she will instantly have an extra £1,000 a month. She also wants to book a holiday for herself and her family.

This afternoon, I head down the M6 for a meeting in north Wales, to visit a couple who want to release funds to redecorate their bathroom and kitchen.