House movers to N. Ireland face customs declarations

House movers to N. Ireland face customs declarations
 Credit: Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

People moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland could be facing customs declarations under new rules introduced as a result of Brexit.

Guidance from HM Revenue & Customs published on Friday (January 8) states that a removal company or other third party used to move personal belongings will need to register for the goods vehicle movement system.

Additionally, removal companies or third parties that are moving personal belongings on behalf of homemovers may need to make a safety and security declaration.

The same does not apply to people moving their household themselves, however.

Chris Sykes, mortgage consultant at Private Finance, believes lending, or other parts of the house buying process, in Northern Ireland should not be affected by the rules.

He said: “[If] someone wants to move [to Northern Ireland] and get a mortgage on a property there, it is the same as it was a few weeks ago.

“Obviously from a logistical standpoint [the new rules] could be concerning for any individuals moving in the near future, and perhaps we will see delays with removal companies, but I’m sure they will soon account for this change in regulation.”

Home movers who are personally moving their personal belongings will not need to complete a safety and security declaration.

They can also ‘declare by conduct’ by going through the ‘green channel’ at their port of entry in Northern Ireland. Where a green channel does not exist, home movers can drive across the boundary of the port.

People moving home to Northern Ireland from Great Britain can also get relief from customs charges due on personal belongings.

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