'Getting brokers to engage with fintech is difficult'

“We were in two very separate places,” Green explained. “So Virgin was very much standard retail services with some niches - so we did some high net worth for example.

“And Clydesdale was very much a high net worth specialist which had individual conversations.

“By bringing those together and elevating the technology across those to eventually become one brand, the speed and efficiency that you can take out of that will allow us to keep that breadth of portfolio.

“We'll still have those one to one conversations. You'll still be able to ring up an underwriter directly [for mortgages over £750,000].

“The technology allows us to shift the focus where the focus is needed for them [the brokers] and their customers. Certainty is really important for brokers, early on in the stage.”

Ultimately, Green reckons “getting your audience to realise that technology is something that should form part of their plan is probably the way to go.

“We are an industry that is moving forward. It would be worth them being engaged on this to keep pace with the industry.”