Employee wellbeing must be part of work culture

Paula Allen

Additionally, the upheaval, uncertainty and strain people have been, and still are, experiencing is very real. Employee Assistance Programmes are confidential so employees can feel safe and secure. Also, by implementing and promoting this support, companies show their concern about employee wellbeing, which is essential to employee engagement and productivity.

Introductions such as the four-day working week pilot scheme and the recent right to disconnect labour laws reflect the growing awareness around employee wellbeing, which is a welcome adaptation in workplaces.

But reducing the working week is not an end in itself, and if policies like the right to disconnect are going to improve wellbeing, then an equal focus on when employees are at work cannot be overlooked.

If we want to prioritise the wellbeing of our employees then employee wellbeing must be integrated into work culture, rather than depending on a single action.

Paula Allen is global leader and senior vice-president of research and total wellbeing at LifeWorks