Top rated Sipps revealed

Top rated Sipps revealed

The top self-invested personal pensions (Sipp) and small self-administered schemes (Ssas) have been named by Moneyfacts.

There are 33 five star Sipp providers, with 37 products. There are 21 four star Sipp providers, 16 five star Ssas providers and finally 6 four star Ssas providers.

Among those given five stars were AJ Bell Investcentre, Aviva and Barnet Waddingham for their Sipps, while Curtis Banks, Dentons Pension Management and InvestAcc Pension Administration featured on the list of five star Ssas providers.

Moneyfacts star ratings are based on analysis of specific features that are more weighted on the basis that they are most likely to be relevant to clients considering one of these pensions or schemes. Competitive charges is also a factor in determining the ranking.

Richard Eagling, editor of Investment Life and Pensions Moneyfacts, said: "The greater emphasis being placed on individuals to take more control of their own retirement planning has meant that self-invested pensions such as Sipps and Ssas have flourished.

"There is an extensive range of Sipp and Ssas products from which individuals can select from, although the differences between them may not be immediately clear to the untrained eye.

“The Moneyfacts Annual Sipp and Ssas Star Ratings concentrate on the individual features of a product that consumers will come across when going through the decision-making process. The ratings therefore give consumers an extra seal of approval, which should give them the added assurance that they have found a high-quality product for their retirement needs."

Jon Bean, a chartered financial planner at Eldon, said: "We look at the whole of market, and are every much focused on the features, when looking for products that we can tailor to fit the requirements of our clients.

"For this reason anything that helps us hone in on the best Sipp or Ssas offerings if of interest."