State Pension  

Aviva calls for state pension overhaul

“The older the state pension is, the more difficult it will be for those in stressful or manual occupations to keep working until state pension age. Offering early access at a reduced level could be a big help to many thousands."

He added: “There is a need to make sure people don’t end up with an income from state and private pensions below the means tested benefit level.

"So some checks and balances might be required. But with some creative thinking this issue shouldn’t be insurmountable and should be well worth the prize if it helps many people with their transition into retirement.”

Last month (January 27), a Freedom of Information request by Canada Life revealed more than 14,000 individuals opted to stop receiving their state pension in the 2018/19 tax year, most likely to manage tax bills.

People in receipt of a state pension have the option to suspend and re-start payments only once, but this is not a well known among savers or experts, according to Canada Life.

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