Retirement CPD course  

Guide to retirement saving

  • Describe the drawbacks of lifestyling
  • Explain the appeal of multi-asset investing
  • Explain what passives funds have to offer
A guide to retirement

Saving for one's pension should theoretically last decades, and now that there is more onus on the individual to plan for retirement, how one saves has become more important than ever.

Almost six years on from pension freedoms and the financial services industry now has a plethora of different options for people deciding how to save.

Some practices are more in fashion than others, but certainly as we have witnessed over the past 12 month, a diverse portfolio is important. getting the balance right between 'safe' and 'adventurous' assets is a challenge that taxes even the most sophisticated and experienced fund manager.

Thankfully working out the best solution has been given a huge amount of attention by the products providers, but at the same time, bearing in mind the importance of costs and the impact that fees have on long term performance.

This guide, which is worth and indicative two hours' CPD, aims to address some of these issues.


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  1. According to the first feature, what is a big criticism of lifestyling?

  2. According to the first feature, moving into cash and gilts as one gets older is seen to be a sure guarantee of success, true or false?

  3. What is the big advantage with multi-asset investing?

  4. In the third feature, what does Laith Khalaf think about passive investing?

  5. In the third feature, why according to Nick Porter, do some people have experience of passive funds?

  6. According to the fourth feature, the charge cap for default workplace schemes has had no effect on other schemes, true or false?

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You should now know…

  • Describe the drawbacks of lifestyling
  • Explain the appeal of multi-asset investing
  • Explain what passives funds have to offer

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