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Zenplans to offer co-branded resources for advisers

Zenplans to offer co-branded resources for advisers
Photo: Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Zenplans has created a host of tools to help advisers identify any planning gaps "beyond finances" and support intergenerational wealth planning.

The service, which stores all of a client's digital footprint in one secure place, is available for all advisers and accountants to use with their clients.

It will encrypt everything securely, from streaming services passwords, subscriptions, GP and veterinary healthcare to utility and other service providers, bank accounts, pensions and the will, all in one place.

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To support advisers in informing and engaging their clients with this emerging area of digital estate planning, Zenplans has developed a range of co-branded resources, including email templates, PDFs and videos, and hosts virtual 'product drop-in' sessions.

Speaking exclusively to FTAdviser ahead of its official launch tomorrow (Tuesday 5 October), creator and managing director of Zenplans, Stephen Moses, said good financial service was becoming about more than just having enough money.

Moses said: "It is about peace of mind".

He said: “I wanted to do something to make it much easier for people to keep on top of all their important information during their lifetime, and to pass it all on to the right people when they die or lose mental capacity.

"Not only does Zenplans offer a solution to both problems, but it also works as a key planning tool for advisers because it helps identify any planning gaps, enabling advisers to go ‘beyond finances’ to give their clients peace of mind that everything has been thought of and planned for."

Zenplans' pricing plans are designed to accommodate firms of all sizes, including single advisers, and are on a case-by-case basis.

Moses said Zenplans could also help create business opportunities, helping advisers identify areas where they can support their clients further.

"As clients start to talk about their wishes and share their Zenplan with their children, it also opens up organic opportunities for advisers to connect and build meaningful relationships with those on the cusp of the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history", he added.

As reported earlier this year by FTAdviser, Zenplans helps to bring people's information together - whether it is a list of their social media accounts, information on their bank accounts or their lawyer's contact details.

Moses said, as our lives are increasingly becoming more digital, with so many different accounts and passwords to remember, it can feel quite chaotic at times.

"Gone are the days when we had a folder full of our most important paperwork - insurance documents, pensions, utilities etc - now everything is online.

"And while in theory, digital assets are more secure, if you pass away and haven’t left clear instructions about what you have and where, those left behind have an almost impossible task trying to piece it all together with no real way of knowing if they have tracked everything down or not", he added.