Dynamic Planner pledges better service for advisers

Dynamic Planner pledges better service for advisers

Dynamic Planner has launched three partnerships to improve its service to advisers.

The risk profiling business announced it had entered into partnerships with software provider Intelliflo through its Intelligent Office system, pensions provider Royal London, and VitalityInvest.

The new integration with Intelligent Office integration is live, fully tested and available in the iO Store and Dynamic Planner said it would allow the financial advice companies which use its services to save time and increase efficiencies in their working processes. 

Dynamic Planner’s new integrations with Royal London and VitalityInvest focus on allowing advisers to do all their work in one place.

The companies hope the integrations will allow advisers to quickly and accurately review a client’s portfolio and increase efficiencies by allowing a more streamlined way of working.

Ben Goss, chief executive of Dynamic Planner, said: "These partnerships and integrations have been a long time in selection and planning, and to see them come to fruition is an exciting development for Dynamic Planner, and for our industry.

"Each integration offers time saving and improved accuracy. The bottom line from our perspective is we strive to make our advisers and their firms as efficient as possible."

Mr Goss said the company would continue to partner with organisations which helped it deliver a better experience for its clients as pressures continued to rise on advice firms.

Speaking at Dynamic Planner’s 2019 annual conference in February, Intelliflo’s executive chairman Nick Eatock said: "This integration highlights how software companies in the UK have grown up. This is not about competition — it is about collaboration."

David Law, third party integrations manager at Royal London, said having valuation links within Dynamic Planner would allow advisers to access Royal London’s services and products as a part of a seamless financial planning process.

Meanwhile Justin Taurog, VitalityInvest’s deputy chief executive, said the collaboration had built on the firms’ existing partnership and meant it would be even easier for advisers to do business with the company.

In January, Dynamic Planner launched a £5m investment programme to upgrade its technology over the course of the next three years and partnered with MSCI a month later.

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