Autumn Investment Monitor - September 2016

  • Is property still relevant post-Brexit?
  • Macroeconomic trends in the fourth quarter
  • Risk management in financial services
Autumn Investment Monitor - September 2016


The third quarter of 2016 has seen increased uncertainty in markets following the surprise Brexit vote in June. Property as an investment sector was particularly hard hit in the wake of the result, but is there still life in the asset class? While the UK economy looks likely to fend off an immediate recession, it is unsurprising that many investors are looking beyond the traditional asset classes into alternatives and niche areas such as social bonds and impact investing to diversify their portfolios. In the Autumn Monitor we look at the effect of recent events on investment markets, while experts give us their views on the next three months. 

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  1. What was the total of net retail outflows from the IA property sector in July 2016?

  2. UK Manufacturing PMI figures in August were cause for celebration as they increased to what level, signifying growth in the economy?

  3. There are currently approximately how many social impact bonds available globally, according to Ranajoy Basu from Reed Smith?

  4. Demographics are the critical factor driving the global economy, according to Paul Hodges. Since 2001 the oldest ‘boomers’ have been joining the ‘new old’ generation of what age group?

  5. Total flows into gold exchange traded products reached what level in the first half of 2016?

  6. The International Monetary Fund’s latest global forecasts show consumer inflation at what level in 2016?

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  • Is property still relevant post-Brexit?
  • Macroeconomic trends in the fourth quarter
  • Risk management in financial services

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