What is the outlook for 2023?

  • Describe some of the investment challenges for 2023
  • Explain some of the key themes for 2023
  • Identify corporate activity for 2023
Outlook for 2023
What does the future hold for investors over the next 12 months?

The past 12 months have been a turbulent time, economically and politically, both at an international and UK level. Consumers and businesses have had to deal with levels of inflation not seen since the early 1980s.

This has triggered demands from public sector workers for wage increases to keep pace with their daily cost of living, and government subsidies to help people with suddenly astronomically high energy bills.

Meanwhile, large parts of western Europe have had to rapidly re-engineer their energy policies, to disentangle themselves from Vladimir Putin's Russia.

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While inflation and supply chain issues had been steadily increasing over the past 18 months, as the world came out of the pandemic, events accelerated over the past year, and suddenly many people found themselves under pressure.

Where does this place investors for the coming year? Fund managers expect there to be greater spending by governments and companies, in energy by the former and automation by the latter. There is also likely to be more activity in corporate acquisitions.

This report looks at some of these themes and underlying trends as we go into 2023.


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  1. Simon Edelstan says rate rises will have no impact on asset prices next year, true or false?

  2. Which theme does Steve Wreford say will be the biggest next year?

  3. Steve Wreford says inflation will be much 'stickier' in the US than the UK, true or false?

  4. Why are companies in the UK buying back shares and paying higher dividends?

  5. According to Steve Wreford, 2022 was the only year when bonds and equities fell at the same time, true or false?

  6. How does Lloyd Harris say high-risk bonds will perform in the coming months?

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  • Describe some of the investment challenges for 2023
  • Explain some of the key themes for 2023
  • Identify corporate activity for 2023

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